YouTubers! Bump Me, I Dare Ya!

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  • October 20, 2010
  • In the process of rearranging the site, in-case you didn’t notice the new skin, I wanted to add some more youtube videos of Sabayon Linux, but quickly noticed that our users have been slacking on getting videos up to youtube. So I want to give a shout-out to all you creative people out there running Sabayon, lets get some current Sabayon youtube videos up. Toss in a good tune to go along with the video to get the person viewing it a head boppin. We have the KDE and Gnome editions as our main ones, but we got spins out there also. I would like to see a variety, but I would just be happy with something with 5.4. It’s a good way to spread the awesomeness of Sabayon, nothing like seeing some cool video and thinking, I got to get that. Right now I got 5 youtube videos that are suppose to be random in the side bar, but I found I got to refresh the page a couple of times to get a different video. If you do make a video, give my a shout and I will add it to the random 5 for rotation here. Remember, creativity and good music is the key. Someday I will give it a try myself if I can figure out how to add the music to the video. So far, all mine have been the boring silent type.

    I got some more wallpapers added to the wallpapers page finally. I’m usually watching out amongst the community for people posting wallpapers and add them to the collection. Got a Sabayon wallpaper to share, give me a shout, be glad to add it. The forum thread of Show Off Your Desktop has gotten some really great posts lately. One my favorites was posted by pissnaround, I like what he did there. I think he could use a different username, but meh. Maybe if I let him keep his username, he’ll post his wallpaper, ehehe. Anyway, if you want to boast about your desktop looks, head over to the forum and add yours to the existing thread. It’s always nice to see creativity in the community.

    Joost posted an interesting blog post and made me chuckle. It don’t seem to matter what you are into, but at times it’s so easy to come up with something and say that is a great idea and than when you make it happen, you soon discover oops, I didn’t think that through clearly. If you watch upstream it can actually get pretty hairy when someone bumps something and if you bump someone else’s package, better have a flame suit on cause someone is gonna show up on your door step calling you out. Entropy team sees and watches this behavior the most. Decisions have to be made as to what and when to bump certain packages in entropy, but they always have the communities best interest in mind. Users may request a certain package to be rebuilt with different USE flags, entropy team does look into that, but can’t always grant the wish as it has too many other effects. A user can always use portage to rebuild a package, just understand what you are doing first and for the most part, should be ok. It’s not an easy task to please everyone as we all need and use our computers for different things. It’s relaxing to know that there is people working behind the scene to provide you with packages that won’t melt your system to a small pile of rubbish. Hiccups and boo boos do happen, but they do work hard to reverse those also.

    Here is an interesting fact by the way. Top 3 countries with users using Sabayon Linux? Who would be your first guess at the top? I was kinda surprised, but those Germans really like Sabayon it appears. Sehr Gut! is probably what they are saying while sitting at their computers. My German is so rusty, took two years of it in high school many moons ago as that is where my ancestors came from. No, it wasn’t a one room school house back than either. 2nd goes to Italy and 3rd goes to USA. Let’s keep rockin the world people!