To Install or Not?

  • wolf
  • October 24, 2011
  • To install or not is the question I’ve been asking myself.  My laptop has windows 7 installed and works fine and I use it for business usage while doing photography as I can use it to trigger my camera and view images with Lightroom.  I really don’t need linux on it and as long as I have a USB stick, I can boot it up to linux anytime I want to.  I thought I would give a test and see what would happen if I just leave it run and drag it around with me to work and home with just a live USB.  I popped Sabayon Forensics amd64 XFCE on to the USB stick and I’m over 3 days now and it’s working flawlessly.  I’ve even used entropy to install some applications I wanted.  So the only advantage I would get if I installed it is the ability to save.  I’m not gonna be using my laptop and linux where I need to save tho.  I have a desktop for my main productive work and I’ve even been sshing in from the laptop to do some of that work.

    An eight dollar USB drive and you can make a computer come to life.  The performance over a dvd drive is 100xs better.  The wonderful tool molecule, which is available in entropy, can help you make a custom Sabayon for your needs.  So if you are interested, check out the Sabayon wiki for a molecule howto.

    I’m gonna continue to let this run an and see what happens.







    4 thoughts on “To Install or Not?

    1. Ever try Debian with KDE? I like Debian’s KDE because they don’t mess with it, as far as I can tell; its very vanilla KDE.

      I do wonder about running from a USB drive all of the time tho; they don’t have the read/write lifespan of other ‘flash media’ nor as a real hard drive. I guess I’d just suggest not saving critical documents on the USB in case it decides to fail…. good luck and let us know how it works out in the long run!

    2. No I haven’t messed with Debian much, not a fan of it.

      I have same concerns of the lifespan also, probably best used in shorter increments.

    3. Besides the practical, there’s another side to this question. Microsoft is doing everything it can to own open source and Linux, check here:

      In that light, do you want to support MS by being another user of MS products? Everyone who looks over your shoulder will see you are using win 7, so now you’ve become an advertisement for MS.

      Even people who pirate Microsoft products are helping MS by being another brick in their user base.

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