Sabayon – Woes and Whoas of Upgrades

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  • November 16, 2010
  • Seems to be some woes and whoas running rampant in the community.  Lets take a look and see what some of the popular ones are.  Most of the issues are after a fresh install and than doing the upgrades via the package manager to get your system current with the repositories.

    Missing icons:  Upon reboot, all your icons are missing, seeing X’s instead of an image.  This one creeps up from time to time and doesn’t seem to be effecting those that have been rolling along with updates.  Please reinstall gtk+ by doing equo install x11-libs/gtk+ and restart your desktop.  Everything should be happy once again.

    KDE login:  Seems a lot of people are having issues with not being able to log in after doing updates.  It seems to effect even those that are rolling along with it.  I haven’t been in my KDE install for some time now so I am not up to speed with this.  So I suggest a few things like equo deptest and equo libtest and deleting the .kde directory in your home directory.  If you delete .kde directory, you will loose the customizations, but may get your desktop back.  Forum user magesha maybe on to something with his latest posts on the subject.  He even tells how to get the customization back.  Give his suggestions a try if you run into this.  Also notice all the log files he provided with his first post, that is a most excellent post for asking for help.  I will get back to my KDE install some day.

    Upgrading Kernel:  Fighting the package manager to get the proper driver packages?  Well you are not alone and something has changed, but the boss says it’s a feature, not a bug.  This is why I hate kernel upgrades, turns into a headache every time for the users.  In our wiki, we have provided a howto manage kernel upgrades that people have been following with success till now.  Here is my vision, once I have done a new equo install linux-sabayon and the new kernel is pulled, installed and eselected, I should be able to do equo upgrade and it pulls the packages that match the new kernel.  That use to work, when I upgraded to kernel .35 I noticed the upgrade didn’t work, so I did the drivers manually by doing something like equo install nvidia-drivers and the correct version would come in for my kernel.  With .36 kernel,  I could not do that, it would pull nvidia-drivers for .35, sigh.  So I had to be more direct with a equo install x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-256.53#2.6.36-sabayon.  There was even a bug opened with same issue, can’t find it at the moment, but I felt the person’s pain and confusion.  The answer of a user should not be doing kernel upgrades unless they know what they are doing is wrong.  50+% of users would still be on kernel 1.0 if that was the case.  So I don’t know.  Once I install a new kernel, I am done with the old kernel and I don’t want anything more to do with it.  So for now, use the full package name to get your correct drivers, use equo search to find the name.  I can’t wait for .37……. sigh.

    So anyway, if you have problems, please check the forum and see if someone else is having the same problem, maybe a solution already exists.  You can also search our bugzilla to see if something has been already reported.  If you are submitting a new bug or forum post, please provide as much information as possible.

    Also note, the dailys should be 2.6.36 now.

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    1. I am fine with the way kernel upgrades are done right now. I agree with the boss: it’s a feature. We want mainly that just doing equo upgrade keeps your system working.

      If you know what a kernel is, and what a driver is, then you can manage to update your system manually with little effort.

    2. I have an Intel Card and had a couple issues. Compiz Fusion caused screen refresh/distortion problems. I had to enable indirect rendering via the fusion icon. Also, my synaptics touchpad vertical scrolling was changed to two-finger scrolling. I added Option “VertEdgeScroll” “1” to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf. So far, I think these solved my problems (only took about a week to figure it out so I figured I’d post it somewhere)…

    3. My own narrow mind of the simple user (a nuisance, according to more technically skilled people) has identified a far more serious whoa with recent Sabayon. There is a tendency of key people of the distribution to be a little less than adequate concerning manners. For example, what happened in the abovementioned bug is just disappointing and what saved the situation was probably wolfdens’ responses. We, the users, understand that it is a free project and moreover not a democracy. But we, the users, are also who contribute to the reputation of the developers. Also, since a project is made public and is mentioned in a CV, manners have to be up to the circumstances. As I, the user, has to RTFM of Sabayon, so any developer has to RTFM of manners. And this is priceless and independent of technical choices/changes.

    4. @nemesis – thanks for sharing, the indirect rendering is quite common.

      @Ethan, I agree with you and devs have their bad days too and especially with a reoccurring situation. Joost and I talked some on it this morning and kicked up some ideas, but it will take time and convincing to get it implemented. User input is valuable to us, I’m constantly looking for it and bringing it up when I see a consistent complaint/behavior. This is how we can make things better. Devs get grumpy when people complain about same thing, but don’t provide a solution.

      Joost’s idea was we have a separate repo for kernels. Once user initiates a new kernel install, entropy would take care of old kernel via a script so when new kernel goes in, entropy recognizes that as only kernel and pull relevant packages. If for some reason new kernel goes funky, user has access to prior kernel.

      Ideas like that is what starts the wheels a turning. Of course implementing it is the challenge.

      Thanks for the input so far!

    5. @wolfden
      glad to note both the “vanishing icons” and the “kernel upgrade” problem has received the attn of the devs. there is also a virtualbox permissions issue (fails to launch) if i pull it in using equo (will post a workaround tonite if done). the idea of a plus repo for kernels/modules is good. cs

    6. I recently installed sabayon 5.4 LXDE version now when it was in the LiveCD ver off my flash drive i could choose which desktop environment to run under LXDE ie default is openbox(a variant of fluxbox though called fluxbox in the f3/f4/f5 boot options menu of LiveCD mode) i could choose the kde desktop happens to the one you login with after harddisk install from livecd then switches to openbox or i could choose two gnome variants under LXDE rather than as pure gnome environment which you guys have a seprate iso for as is a pure kde enviro my problem is that these choices dissappeared after the hard install (wanted to save my usb stick from burning out ie giving only 10000 rd/wr cyc versus hdd(magne) 5M rd/wr cyc anyway how does one get back those options and i read somewhere that the liveCD version intentially has less programs available as a way to coax people to putting the full version on their harddrives and not just run off cd or thumb USB drive (i am okay with that giving its a free OS) but after a full install no extra programs so what gives? are they strictly gnome/gtk2+ apps that are the extra cool fun progs i see in the sab adverts (xmmc/xbmc/xdmc whatev) i have no sound player, no music player, no video player, nothing but openbox and the livecd apps what happened to the bonus apps for putting on your harddrive also i noticed the filesystem tree lists a bunch of apps i can’t get to
      in to anaconda(the installer) the equo folder a bunch of others most notably wine (yay win progs in linux) but no way to launch them or make icon shortcut on desktop because can’t find the actual executable just a data folder with some linkage modules is this not fully installed just some of the work cut down from having to do one’s self. I liked this OS alot but now finding some discouragement that the apps and extra desktops unders LXDE are not there please need help unlocking the greatness within sabayon as now i have less choices then when in livecd off usb stick once again my package is the 700MB sabayon.5.4.LXDE.iso as this is all that will sucessfully boot off a generic usb stick using usbcreator 1.85.something or was it whatev its from pendrive linux btw their multiboot iso app similar to usb creator 1815 (using 2143 of multi app) sucks no sabayon support at all and it doesn’t even work no menu missing grubparts and parts not properly installed ( iwould have to use grubguiinst plus parts of the full ngrub4dos package and maunally install each iso figuring out which ones have to extracted and which do not and construct the menu by hand (lots of T&E) image mask (x-pixmap viewable in gimp by special command in windows gimp version don’t know about linux gimp proceedure never got gimp to work) doesnt show in grub menu like its supposed assuming this is related to bad grub/syslinux instal by pendrive’s app so have had to use single boot wasting a 4gb flash drive for 700MB iso btw the machine its on for reference is a dell d410 lattitude 512Mram 120GB hdd (this is netbook so no cdrom device) and the default sigmatel 9750 audio and intel i915gm graphix and memory commander (watch out these units are notorious for going bad altogether two d510 latitudes died and the netbook i am on and writing about luckily only lost one mem channel (only one stick can be used two slots only one works) intel ought to give a refund or do in house repair for anyone who got stuck with these flaky GPUs/mem controlers (they do both grfx and mem control in chip so when bad both functions act funny or not at all d510 boots once in a while on damaged 256 or 512 stick (damaged by the i915’s faultyness) those sticks of mem won’t boot at all on d410
      in either slot also any mem in other slot cause post lockup or funny colorful ascii chars all over screen
      but any way a lengthy post i am so sorry about that

    7. LXDE edition is experimental spin and not really tested. Your best bet is to get a hold of Joost as he is the creator of it. The spins aren’t supported per say as we just don’t have enough man power to do it. Gnome and KDE are the main supported releases. With gnome and KDE the applications are all there after install, not sure why LXDE wouldn’t do the same. I’ve never tried the LXDE spin and don’t plan to. Find Joost, he is on forum and irc or drop him an email.

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