Sabayon KForensics Available

  • wolf
  • February 7, 2011
  • As of February 7th 2011, the KDE edition of Sabayon Forensics is available, see link for info and mirrors.  Same tools as the GForensic, but in the KDE desktop environment.  The forensic spins are based on the Daily KDE and Gnome x86 editions. Kpkglist can be viewed to see the packages on the Kforensics iso.  Just some of the highlights:

    • KDE 4.6.0
    • Skel file fixes
    • 2.6.37-sabayon Kernel
    • clamav
    • wireshark
    • google chrome default browser
    • rootkit hunter
    • fcrackzip
    • John the Ripper
    • chtpw
    • tcpdump

    Since the Forensic spins are daily they are released every Sunday and Wednesday.  You can install them to your hard drive even.  I like to keep them on a USB flash drive and carry it around with me.  It comes in handy when needing to repair another computer.  Questions or feedback, feel free to email me at and I will try to answer them.

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