Sabayon-Funtoo Linux – Howto

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  • October 25, 2008
  • funtoo-smallDaniel Robbins has created Funtoo, which has grown from a simple blog to gentoo stages to funtoo portage.  Funtoo portage is for helping the development of Gentoo.  I guess you could call it a community portage tree.  The nice thing is, you can still use the gentoo portage tree and it’s really easy to switch between the branches.  You can even produce your own portage tree and share it.  Please understand that the packages can and will vary between the branches.  Daniel even states funtoo isn’t for a production tree, so you’ve been warned.  Seriously tho, using regular portage for a production tree can be dangerous so I don’t feel too worried.  I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone that didn’t fully understand portage tho.  You’re kinda on your own for support and figuring things as Gentoo nor Sabayon can support funtoo portage.

    So now that you have been warned not to do this, lets get doing it!

    1. # install -d /etc/portage
    2. # echo “dev-util/git perl cgi curl subversion” >> /etc/portage/package.use
    3. # emerge git

    Now the next part is up to you as to where you want you new portage directory.  I’m going to use /funtoo

    1. # mkdir /funtoo
    2. # cd /funtoo
    3. # git clone git://
    4. # cd portage

    The next two steps only need to be done once as they will set up your branches funtoo and gentoo.

    1. # git checkout –track -b origin/
    2. # git checkout –track -b origin/

    So which branch are you in you are wondering?  Simple type

    • # git branch

    Now you should see your branches and the * indicates which branch you are currently using.  To switch between the branches use git checkout.  For example

    • # git checkout
    • # git checkout

    Don’t forget to use # git branch to keep track of which branch you’re using.  You can see the difference between the two branches by doing:

    • #git diff

    Now you need to break the emerge –sync habit and start using:

    • # git pull

    That will update your branches to latest changes and packages.

    One last thing we need to do before using our new trees is to set it in your /etc/make.conf   You will need to add:

    • PORTDIR=/funtoo/portage

    Remember, you can put your trees any where you want to, just make sure you keep your paths straight when setting them up.  Now you are ready to start emerging like you normally did.  Just remember # git pull instead of emerge –sync.

    Please make sure you look at Funtoo Wiki and bookmark it.  The above information came from First Steps.  You can learn more about creating your own tree, using git and contributing back from the Funtoo Wiki.

    This doesn’t work with entropy unless you are maintaining an entropy community repo.  You could build your packages from Funtoo and dump them into your community repo.

    What about layman you ask, use it the same as you always have.

    Happy Funtooing!