Sabayon Forensics XFCE Available

  • wolf
  • October 19, 2011
  • The first release of the Sabayon Forensics XFCE edition is available on the mirrors for download.  I am dropping the Gnome 3 desktop and KDE for a much lighter desktop environment that will work better across the computer land. This edition is built off the Sabayon Daily XFCE edition and is released weekly, so every Monday you can get an updated version.  I highly recommend to learn and use rsync to keep your iso updated instead of downloading a new iso each time.  As easily as something like:

    rsync -avP rsync:// /home/wolfden/isos/amd64/

    There is a x86 and a x86_64 version of this edition.  Before I only had the x86 versions available, so now the best of both worlds.  I have all the information where to get the isos on the website and even added another page of Other Tools, which is information on some basic commandline stuff.

    There is an issue with the current theme and the OSD notification as it ends up being black on black, argh!  I have fixed this so this coming Monday it will get implemented.  There is other themes you can simply change to also.

    Another issue and I forgot to look into this, but Autopsy is failing to start.  I’ll work on getting that sorted.  I’m not even sure when it broke.

    So what is Sabayon Forensics you ask?  I shall point you to the About page where you can learn more.  What about a package list you ask?  I shall point you to the FAQ page and at the bottom you can get the package list. Can I install it you may ask, yes you can install and use it as a rolling system with entropy just like any normal Sabayon release.

    Ophcrack was dropped and I filed a bug with gentoo about ophcracktables being a dependent of ophcrack.  It would be nice to include ophcrack and the users download and store the tables on USB or DVD discs.  The ophcracktables package doesn’t even include all the tables nor has any effect on ophcrack running.  Ophcracktables is 1GB in size and with people on slow internet, it’s a pain.  Of course gentoo closed the bug and won’t fix it.  So you can install ophcrack program on the live system by doing equo install ophcrack –nodeps and than you can load the tables from a usb or disc.  I don’t get gentoo devs at times, it would be like making flash a dependent of every browser.

    I’m open to forensic tools too add to it, just give me a holler.  I don’t want to increase the file size too badly tho, but if a program is worth while, than yes.  Screenshots and usage can be found on the Using Sabayon Forensic page.  I do not help people with hacking and cracking, that is not what it’s about so don’t even ask.

    I’m sure I probably forgot to mention something, but if you look it over you’ll see it’s pretty self explanatory.

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