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  • January 10, 2011
  • I hate wikis, I really do.  They aren’t so bad for reading, it’s using them and their crappy unfriendly methods of creating an article.  I learned html and touch php here and there, but when it comes to wikis, blah.  So, Sabayon Forensics’s website got bumped to a wordpress, now life is good.  It’s really hard to beat wordpress, it’s one of my most used software.  I host several wordpress sites for people even.  All ya need is some php and mysql support and you got the world by the tail.  The wordpress site will even host you one if you can’t.

    I’m glad to see their is interest in the project and I’m constantly working with it and testing it to make sure things are working.  I see I need to switch slocate out for mlocate since slocate went bye bye from portage.  I suspect it will from Sabayon soon also.  The KDE version is something I need to get back to.  I was able to create and test a KDE version, but there are issues with KDE and the menus getting updated. Some of the programs were missing from the menu.  Of course they worked from konsole, but that’s kinda lame.  I need to try it again with the latest KDE version and see if it is better.  The problem is, I am swamped.  Life is very stressful for me at the moment as I try to get to the surface for a fresh breath of air.  My full time job is in the toilet and I need to make the right decision as what to do with that.  I just wish things didn’t have to revolve around the mighty dollar, which isn’t even mighty at all in reality.

    Anyway, boring details for you.  Kernel .37 will be coming in the near future and I think I have got the latest requested packages in there.  Someone requested xchat, I’m still debating about that one. With the webchat and irssi already there, I hate to add another irc client, but than xchat doesn’t take up much of anything.

    I have found that ophcrack is kinda disappointing as some others have also.  If the password is anything more complicated than password, it seems to fail.  chntpw seems to be my favorite, just clear the password and you are set.  Why try to guess it when you can clear it out?  Removing ophcrack would free up tons of space as the tables are so large.

    ClamAV should all be working now.  Thanks to those that pointed out a couple issues.  Feedback is such an awesome thing!  No matter how many times you run it, it’s easy to miss something.  That feedback is important!


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    1. Don’t you dare touch X-Chat! irssi is a pain when wanting to chat in more than one channel and webchats suck, full stop.

      Oh, and as you like feedback so much: ‘s/their/there’ 😉
      Yes, I am a knob at times, and you love me for it ^^

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