Seems to be some woes and whoas running rampant in the community.  Lets take a look and see what some of the popular ones are.  Most of the issues are after a fresh install and than doing the upgrades via the package manager to get your system current with the repositories.

Missing icons:  Upon reboot, all your icons are missing, seeing X’s instead of an image.  This one creeps up from time to time and doesn’t seem to be effecting those that have been rolling along with updates.  Please reinstall gtk+ by doing equo install x11-libs/gtk+ and restart your desktop.  Everything should be happy once again.

KDE login:  Seems a lot of people are having issues with not being able to log in after doing updates.  It seems to effect even those that are rolling along with it.  I haven’t been in my KDE install for some time now so I am not up to speed with this.  So I suggest a few things like equo deptest and equo libtest and deleting the .kde directory in your home directory.  If you delete .kde directory, you will loose the customizations, but may get your desktop back.  Forum user magesha maybe on to something with his latest posts on the subject.  He even tells how to get the customization back.  Give his suggestions a try if you run into this.  Also notice all the log files he provided with his first post, that is a most excellent post for asking for help.  I will get back to my KDE install some day.

Upgrading Kernel:  Fighting the package manager to get the proper driver packages?  Well you are not alone and something has changed, but the boss says it’s a feature, not a bug.  This is why I hate kernel upgrades, turns into a headache every time for the users.  In our wiki, we have provided a howto manage kernel upgrades that people have been following with success till now.  Here is my vision, once I have done a new equo install linux-sabayon and the new kernel is pulled, installed and eselected, I should be able to do equo upgrade and it pulls the packages that match the new kernel.  That use to work, when I upgraded to kernel .35 I noticed the upgrade didn’t work, so I did the drivers manually by doing something like equo install nvidia-drivers and the correct version would come in for my kernel.  With .36 kernel,  I could not do that, it would pull nvidia-drivers for .35, sigh.  So I had to be more direct with a equo install x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-256.53#2.6.36-sabayon.  There was even a bug opened with same issue, can’t find it at the moment, but I felt the person’s pain and confusion.  The answer of a user should not be doing kernel upgrades unless they know what they are doing is wrong.  50+% of users would still be on kernel 1.0 if that was the case.  So I don’t know.  Once I install a new kernel, I am done with the old kernel and I don’t want anything more to do with it.  So for now, use the full package name to get your correct drivers, use equo search to find the name.  I can’t wait for .37……. sigh.

So anyway, if you have problems, please check the forum and see if someone else is having the same problem, maybe a solution already exists.  You can also search our bugzilla to see if something has been already reported.  If you are submitting a new bug or forum post, please provide as much information as possible.

Also note, the dailys should be 2.6.36 now.